Support for Investing

Harbor Asset Planning knows that when it comes to planning and investing, trust and support are important. We view ourselves as your partner in implementing your individualized plan, step by step, to achieve your long-term financial success. Located in Belmont, Massachusetts, not far from Boston, we serve clients throughout the country.

Investment Strategy


When your assets are at stake, discretion and reliability are a priority. At Harbor Asset Planning, we work independently from banks, insurance companies or other financial service providers. The only recommendation we will ever make is the one we view as being in your best interest. We help quantify your financial goals and develop a plan specifically for you. Just as important, we help you execute and stick to your plan. We make investment choices based on risk and return analysis.



In order to achieve financial success, it is important to develop an investment plan based on a client’s goals and risk tolerance. It is also important to remain invested in all major asset classes at all times. We do not chase the hottest current stock sector and pay a premium for new positions. We design a portfolio with the most effective distribution among the various asset classes.


We will build and manage a portfolio – appropriate to your risk tolerance – in order to empower you to remain invested for the long term. While no one enjoys experiencing down cycles, a portfolio that properly factors in risk will help you manage and sustain through the inevitable up and down periods of the market.


Whether your equity or bond positions increase or decrease in value, we rebalance your portfolio annually to adhere to proper class allocations. Rebalancing results in selling assets that have performed well and are trading at a high price, and buying assets that are out of favor and comparatively inexpensive. This process can enhance a portfolio’s return over time as you buy low and sell high.


We annually review each fund’s performance to compare its performance with other funds in its asset class. Funds may alter their holdings or change management, making them no longer appropriate for a particular portfolio. An increase in fund fees could result in a fund becoming inconsistent with our low-cost investment strategy.

Personal Service & Support

Individualized service and support of our customers are of paramount importance to us. We offer custom-tailored financial solutions designed to meet your financial goals.

Why Choose Us?

  • Independent, fee-only advice
  • Investment strategy based on diversification and rebalancing
  • No load / low fee funds
  • Computer modeling to calculate optimal portfolio allocation
  • Objective investment choices
  • Personalized service